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How to Set and Achieve any Goal

Goal setting is very important for success

When I was a kid I saw my older brothers receive full scholarships to play division 1 football, and I was sold. Playing football on a full scholarship became my ultimate sports goal, and I was determined to take the steps needed to achieve this. I really didn't know what it took to achieve a goal so big, but I had great role models and mentors that showed me how to not only dream, but achieve big. Now I want to share the same tools with you. So, when it comes to goal setting we have to break it down into smaller parts, that way it becomes less scary and seems more doable. So we will break the goals up into three (3) parts: Ultimate Goal: The culmination of what you want to accomplish and how you want to accomplish it.

(This is the big scary goal you know you can achieve, but you just don't know where to start.) Product Goal: A result-oriented goal that is clearly measurable and is usually most effective if it emphasizes accomplishments in the next twelve months. Process Goal: The daily action needed to accomplish product goals.

Now you should have three (3) product goals for the upcoming season and each product goal should have three (3) process goals. The key to achieve any goal is living in the process goal, the things you can do today. If we are constantly winning the day & our process goals are properly aligned with our product goal, in a year the product goal we set for ourselves should be in reach. If we are constantly achieving our product goals year after year it will align us in a path directly towards our Ultimate Goal.

So take the time to write down your goals and be descriptive. Remember this is your map to success and you want it to be as clear as possible. After you have all your goals broken and written down, fully commit and trust the process.

(If all of this sounds really confusing check out the video where I break this down more in detail)

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