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RB Drills for Big Time Play Makers

So Fin is an Athlete that plays for a very successful Pop Warner team they have won the DII Pop Warner championship four years in a row.

So Fin and I have been training for a while now so every now and then we add some highlight playmaker drills.

The purpose of the highlight playmaker drills is to get you use to being in a big play situation. So when it happens in a game you knows what to do and he comes out victorious.

So for the first Running Back Drill we are working on finding the open whole in zone run.

The running back is assigned to run through a certain gap but at the last minute a defender will pop in the gap and the running back will be forced to find the open whole. You'll then bounce back outside for the big play. (Sometimes the zone will be inside and the RB will have to bounce out.)

So after we’ve made our cuts and we are in the open field we need to get the ball in the end zone.

So in this drill the Running Back is heading towards the end zone but gets tripped up at the (4,5 or 6) yard line and need to keep his balance to score touchdown.

You want want to be careful doing this drill. The main points of focus is balance and extending your arm to cross the goal line.

Master making big plays in big situation. So when game day comes this is second nature

-Coach Ike

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