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Combine Training: How to run the L-Drill (3 Cone Drill)

The L drill also known as the 3 cone drill is used by football coaches to test an athletes change of direction, agility, and balance. The total distance covered is 30 yards, broken into six 5 yard short sprints.

Set Up:

To set up the L-Drill, you need 3 cones set up 5 yards apart from each other in the shape of an L.  This will end up looking like you are one cone short of a complete square.

The Drill:

Start in a three point stance (same as your 40 yard dash stance)

Touch the line at the first cone with your hand.

Return to the starting cone and touch that line with the same hand.

Note:  Whichever hand you choose to touch the line with has to be used both times.

Sprint around the middle cone and figure 8 around the far cone.

Make a turn at the middle cone and finish through the line.  Use your speed to accelerate as fast as you can around that middle cone.


The clock starts at first movement and stops when you have crossed the finish line after the full 30 yards.   Make sure that every step you take is efficient, remember practice the skills will make you better prepared on test day so go out there and practice this drill till your satisfied with your time.

-Coach Ike

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