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40 Yard Dash: Stance & Start

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

So on day one we did some get offs and I wanted you to feel your start out of your stance so when we correct it you’ll not only see the difference but you’ll feel it.

you want your feet to be no wider than your hips, with your toes pointed straight ahead.

I then want you starting your mark at the top of the start line (this will help distribute your weight forward once your in your stance.)

Now you’ll move your lead foot first to the opposite heel then place down at hip width

You’ll then move the opposite foot to the heel and move it back an additional 8-12 inches and place that foot hip width apart.

drop your back knee to the ground and align it with your forward leg toes. Your knee should be behind your toes ( if not your feet are to close together and you need to move your back foot farther behind.)

Now you want to walk you hands back and pick your butt up at the same time. I want you to keep going back until you hand is behind the starting line and your back knee is slightly bent about 120° . Your lead leg should be a bit more bent at about 90°. And you want to make sure your weight is distributed forward.

Stay loose and look down toward the turf. Once your set start to lift the up hand. keep your elbow at a 90° Bend and bring your thumb right to your hip.

Stay in this position for about 2 seconds and explode out of your stance. Driving your knee towards your rib cage and fire out low ( no higher than a 45° angle). Use your arms to help generate extra knee drive and use your eyes to keep your body at the proper angle.

40 Yard Dash Drill

Prowler Bounds

Add this 40 yard dash drill to your routine to help you with your body angle and knee drive. Think explosive and generate power on every step.

Master your stance, master your start increase the chance of mastering your 40.

- Coach Ike

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