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Healthy Grocery List: Eat Right Cut The Weight

It’s that time of the month to make my Costco/BJ’s run. My diet right now consist of a lot of protein so I have to shop smart. Here’s what I grab from the grocery store to make sure I’m hitting my numbers.

So today I’ll be going to Costcos and BJ’s. I like both establishments just couldn‘t get the specific brands I want at one location. But that’s just me being picky.

Costco list:

sweet bell peppers

Fage total 0% milk fat

Pure Protein Bars

Tyson Panko chicken breast tenderloins

Discolls strawberry

romana tomatoes

perky jerky (Turkey jerky)

Costco total: $73.23

BJ’s list:

Purdue Chicken Breast

Wellesley farm Tilapia loins

Sugar free jello

Skinny pop popcorn

Yasso Mint chocolate chip yogurt Bars

Grillo’s Pickles

Joseph‘s flax, oat bran & whole wheat pita bread

poland spring gallon water 6ct

BJ’s total: $77.13

I also order Vega 45 serving sport protein this helps me when I don’t feel like cooking or I’m tired of eating chicken or fish

Total cost of groceries is




with the different foods I should be able to make a variety of high protein meals I’m hoping these groceries will last me at least 2 weeks. if you need any high protein meal ideals check out some of our other high protein recipes.

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