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Faster 40: Drills To Improve Your Get Off

Partner Falling Starts:

-partner lowers and stabilizes the sprinter approximately at 45°

-Sprinter heels should be off the ground

-Once the sprinter is stabilized partner suddenly releases them by moving to the left or right

-Sprinter uses the moment of the fall to drive out horizontally

make sure you

-keep a straight back

-your ready to be released

-we do not over stretch our stride

Sled Push:

-When using sled pushes for speed training the goal is to apply more force into the ground at a fast past

-Athletes loads the sled with a weight light enough that you can push it at a fast speed while also placing more force into the ground.

-Use 30-50 percent on high threshold days/ 15-25 percent on low threshold days

-Athlete pushes sled for 10- 20 yards

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