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Mobility: Injury Prevention

Try this workout to improve mobility and range of motion.

Thoracic Rotation

1. Top leg bent up 90/90

2. Bottom Leg bent back 90/90

3. Rotate Thorax, breath through restrictions

Pec Openers with External Rotation

1. Press elbow down into foam roller

2. External Rotation of Shoulders

3. Stretch should be felt in chest/pecs

Lat Rollouts

1. Find tender area in armpit or below

2. Rotate body forwards and back on roller

3. Roll up and down gently

Thoracic Stability Ball Rollouts

1. Buttock on heels, hand behind back

2. Turn head, rotate and breathe

3. Maintain posture points throughout movement

Arm Reach Through, Finish with Open Chest

1. Reach arm across body on ground

2. Lean towards stretched arm

3. Press arm into ground to increase stretch

Cat/ Cow with Band

1. Place Band around lower back

2. Tuck and point tailbone

3. Fluid movements and breathing

Shoulder Blade Rollouts

1. Roll up and down on thorax

2. Breath and arch backwards

3. 3-4 arm elevations at end of rolling

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