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Linebacker Change of Direction Drills: Pass Coverage [2020]

90° cut 45° cut than make a play on the ball

With this drill we want to keep the linebacker nice, low, balanced, and under control. We’ve been working on keeping the feet under us and keeping a solid base even when we are in a bad position on the field.

We want a smooth transitions into the cuts and when you are in a position to make a play, to trust your instincts and react.

Crossover Angle Drill

Sometimes on the football field you’re going to end up in a bad position. it’s just the nature of the game so we might as well practice and help you recover from that bad position.

At Pro Limit Athletes we do a lot of drill mimicking a stressed position. Forcing the athlete to recover and make a play. So when it happens in game day it’s not completely new to the athlete, and you can now put your self in a winning position.

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