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Healthy Eating On the Go: Best Way to Hit Your Macros with Chipotle

So there is absolutely nothing good to eat outside of my house, at least good to the point where I would hit my numbers protein carb and fat wise.

So I came up with this idea.


I go to chipotle and I get a burrito bowl which consists of

4 oz brown rice

2.5 oz fajita peppers

8 oz chicken (ask for double chicken)

3.5 oz corn

salsa hot medium or mild it doesn’t matter

I've noticed chipotle tends to over serve the rice and under serve the chicken. So do your best to gage 4 ounces and when you get home just throw the extra rice away or share it with someone. My secret is also to ask for double chicken after they’ve scooped the first portion of chicken. This always seems to get me more.

When I get home I cook half a loin of tilapia chop it up and toss it in the burrito bowl.

3oz tilapia

I always keep a bag of frozen tilapia in my freezer it’s a great source of protein and really easy to cook.

This is the finished product and here are my numbers

Now this is a lot of food so I recommend you save half for later or split with a friend.

Nutrional Facts:

protein 90g

carbs 56g

fats 27g

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