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Deceleration Drills: For Wide Receivers [2020]

Football Players need to be able to run at 100% and come to a full stop, in order for them to react and change directions. Most people tend to focus on Speed but Deceleration is a major factor we can not forget about. In this article we will focus on 2 deceleration drills we can use to take your game to the next level.

Over Speed Stick Landing

In this drill you want to use something that will pull you forward forcing you to go faster than your usual speed. We are using the Vertimax to give us the over speed pull. As you run toward the cones you want to be able to stop with one leg (in a lunged posture) as close as possible to the cones without going over.

Comeback/Curl Deliberate Deceleration

In this drill we are working on the comeback/curl Route and we are breaking each step down so we don't take any waisted steps. We are going to sprint full speed for 10 yards and then Stick our landing. We are then going to use our other leg to gain control over our body and prepare our selves to completely change directions. When both feet are near each other ( leaving the athlete in an awkward squat position), We then want to drive our outside knee in the opposite direction back towards the football.

athlete want to focus on getting as close to the cones with out going over the cones, and gaining enough speed to sale the comeback/curl route. Remember we want to make every route look like the go route, if we sale speed every play it will be harder for the defensive backs to react.

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