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How To Run Faster: Develop Speed [2020]

In this post I want to go over two things that can make you a faster athletes.

1. Form

2. Power


Form is super important when it comes to running faster if you do not now how to properly run you will waste energy and efficiency when trying to get from point A to point B. So here is a drills I like to us with my athletes to help them develop better running form.

Marching Skips with PVC Switch

This Movement is going to feel super awkward but its important we try to get it done correctly.

with the bottom half of your body you want to make sure you focus on getting your knee up. and contacting the ground with the proper part of your foot.

I added the PVC to bring more awareness to your arm bend and arm movement.

as you attempt to catch the PVC it forces you to shoot your hand forward. No what you really want to focus on is how the opposite arm snaps back and maintaining a 90 degree bend.


When we think about power with running i like to do drills that forces my athletes to generate more power/ force into the the ground as they are running forward. So I have a drills that help with generating Power and Running Form as well.

Single Leg Depth Drop Pause Burst

After landing on the ground I want you to take an exaggerated first step ( Similar to your first step on your 40yard dash). If I was to freeze frame your first step we should be able to draw a straight line from the back of your head to your heel that is on the ground. Now if I was to draw another line on the ground, the two lines combined should make a 45 degree angle. if we get a 45 degree angle we know that was a good rep. You also want to make sure your arms are as close to a 90 degree angle as possible, that way your working on power and form as well

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